Five Secret Buttons

In this article I want to tell you about one important element of development, which is very important in order to think effectively and achieve goals. Many things in such a subtle and interesting direction as personal growth and development are important, but stopped at one. Analysis. I'm talking about an analysis of our life, about the analysis of an important situation. I will not speak for many clever phrases about the theory of psychoanalysis.

I simply present those details that are important to me, and who helped me find a lot of complexes and get rid of them. This process helps to remove themselves from the mass of the complex, unless of course competently to this approach. Every one of us happens all sorts of situations. Sometimes pleasant sometimes not. In the first case, we want to know the reasons for our success, and subsequently make it automatic, in the second we want to know the reasons for failure, and failure to do so in the past. This happens different and not all situations need to be analyzed.

It is useful to analyze the peak of the situation in which you feel strong emotions. Either positive or negative. Usually it is such a situation is instructive, from which we can learn a lesson. These situations or reinforce our success, or show our weaknesses on which to work. First and foremost, on the recommendation of analysis: you represent the situation from the side. You give the advice not to himself, but to someone else.

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