Kotler Products

1 Available in: . Had access in 07/05/2010. 2 Line of stands in miniature created in 1968 for the Mattel manufacturer. Available in. had access in 16 of September of 2010. The academic scope, one gives credit that this project is excellent for working the question of the importance of design of products in the behavior of consumers. Finally, marketingly, one expects that this work can contribute for manufacturers of products that are losing its public-target for other competitors, presenting a new boarding on design of product. 2 THEORETICAL REFERENCIAL In this item are treated the main subjects that base the research proposal: marketing, design of product and behavior of the consumer.

Between the authors they are Kotler (1998), Kotler and Keller (2006), Brdek (2006) and Karsaklian (2004). 2,1 Marketing Marketing, according to Ambrsio (2007, P. XIII), can be defined as ' ' the set of techniques directed to the maximizao of the perception of the happiness of the people for the satisfaction of necessities and desires, optimizing the return toward organizao' '. These necessities and desires, for Kotler (1998), are satisfied for the individual by means of products. Kotler still quotation that the importance of a product can be more in the benefits that it provides of what in the good in itself and that great part of the products can have varied characteristics – colors, models and functionalities, among others aspects.

The same author still quotation that exists some complementary aspects of the basic function of the product that they can be determinative at the moment of the choice of the product. Some are incased to the product to be analyzed, as durability, trustworthiness, style, design, performance and symbols. The marketing, for Snake (1997, P. 32), ' ' it does not create consumption habits, but it stimulates the purchase of products or services that latente&#039 satisfies to some necessity; '.

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