Minimum Wage

The minimum wage lost the purchase power very. In the government of Fernando Enrique of 1995 the 2002 when it entered for the government the minimum wage age of R$ 70,00, in 1 of May of 1995 passed to R$ 100,00.Em these eight years of government it gave of increase in the minimum wage a value totalizing $ 130,00 corresponding a percentage of 16,25%. The minimum wage continued losing the purchase power and its bigger intention is to give to the worker the comfort necessary to keep its family. In the government of Squid of 2003 the 2010, minimum wage when it entered in the government age of R$ 240,00, in these oitos years of government it gave an increase totalizing R$ 300,00 corresponding a percentage of 37,50%.Com the Squid the minimum wage continued losing, its power of purchase but it was better that the other presidents, therefore that it was acclaimed by the people as a new father of the poor persons, the new Getulio Vargas. Study made for the DIESSE (DEPARTMENT IINTERSINDICAL OF STATISTICS AND STUDIES SOCIOECONOMICO), until the month of November of 2010 the ideal minimum wage for the Brazilian in accordance with its basic necessities and as many losses during these long years since its creation would be of R$ 2,222, 29. OH! UTOPIA, would be ideal, the people lived better could pay college for its children that would be more less ignorant scholar and, improved until the level of the politicians, serious Brazil another one, the violence diminishes and the young had more chance to compete in the market of tabalho. LET US CONTINUE DREAMING, WHO KNOWS ONE DAY, THIS CAN HAPPEN.

With the ownership of president DILMA, the minimum wage it was for R$ 540,00. But I am hearing the shout of the people and the leader of the PMDB in the Chamber, member of the house of representatives Henrique Eduardo Alves (PMBD-RN), after affirmed in this tuesday (4) meeting with controllers of the legend that the party will try a meeting with the economic team of the government to argue the value of the minimum wage. Until at last the PMDB, broken of expression politician is if revealing in favor of the minimum wage, this in the hour to stop and to analyze if he is just to work to gain the minimum of the minimum and them you politicians to gain R$ 14,000 on average, 00, are the stewardships, commissions and other forms of profits. I want to call the attention the politicians of whom the minimum wage was made to keep the family who is considered of two adults and two children, being been that these consume the equivalent to an adult. Pondering the familiar expense, we arrive at the necessary minimum wage. IT IS MINE HERE I APPEAL. WE WANT A WAGE MORE JUST, FOR THIS PEOPLE WHO SUFFERS TO DEFERRED PAYMENT BADLY AND STILL PAID RENT.

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