The Enterprise

It is pertinent to mention article 216 of the code of the work that expresses: fault of the employer. When there is sufficiently proven fault of the employer, on the occurrence of an accident at work or occupational disease, he is obliged to ordinary and total compensation for damages, but the amount it should deduct the value of cash benefits paid under the standards enshrined in this chapter. Responsibilities and sanctions: employer not adopted a program of occupational health in your business, becomes creditor to various penalties ranging from fines to temporary or definitive closure of the company or industry. In particular, Decree 1295 in its article 21 Literal D, obliges employers to schedule, run and monitor compliance with the occupational health program in the company and its financing. Article 22 Literal D, it obliges workers to comply with the rules, regulations and instructions of the program of occupational health of the companies. In the resolution 1016, 1989 in article 4 and paragraph 1, it obliges employers to have a program of occupational health, specific and particular, in accordance with their risk potential and real based on the number of workers. It also obliges employers to allocate human resources financial and physical, essential for the development and implementation of the occupational health program, according to the severity of the risks and the number of workers exposed. Occupational health programmes also have obligation to monitor compliance with occupational health standards across the enterprise, and in particular, in each work center.

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