The Problem

Sometimes customers are ready to provide adequate budget for the project of a corporate site, but it is difficult to find a really good developers, since they refer to the subject for the first time. In extreme case, you can rely on the successful experience of cooperation with it companies, colleagues or acquaintances. But the best option is to appeal to a specialized studio, engaged in development corporate websites, where to start, you can get advice. Category of customers for a better perception of the situation in the it services market, it should identify the main categories of customers depending on their needs and economic development. This will help to orient and costs for site development, and necessarily for the functional site. Thus, there are several categories of customers: 1. Individuals 2.

small businesses; 3. representatives of the business – the company's development, 4. large companies, corporations, 5. state and okologosudarstvennye structure. On the latter will not speak, they are mentioned here for completeness picture. In this article the problem of the 1 st and 2 nd category of customers are similar, so the recommendations addressed the small business can, with minor modifications, to private customers. For small business to small firms – Representatives of small businesses who are unable to provide a solid part of the budget to order a high-level site is necessary and sufficient to start to put site 'calling card'. This site gives opportunity to provide brief information about the company, its services, the published price list and contact details, possibly with feedback.

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