Venezuelan State

Agencies such as the UNEFA, UBV, MERCAL, INCES, PDVSA, ministries and autonomous institutes, are plagued with anti-revolutionary sectors who work tirelessly with the Venezuelan opposition, to undermine the work of the revolutionary Government. Many popular and revolutionary sectors are marginalized within the same revolutionary institutions, many of them created by the national Government. In some educational institutions University of the national Government, the presence of the oil people is notorious and dangerous. In recent days, we are witnessing in Maracaibo, an activity in one of the most emblematic institutions of the Venezuelan State. Speech surprised me openly in opposition they had for the public mind, some of the senior members of this important public institution. On the other hand, many officials red Rojitos Mayor of Maracaibo and other agencies of the national Government, the other day to have won Governor – Mayor Manuel Rosales, had in their cars the phrase No is No.

The Venezuelan Government should initiate the process of seizure of property and estate of Rosales in Venezuela and abroad to avoid the transfer of accounts and properties to other figureheads. The good wishes of the U.S. Government should take to rescue what belongs to the State and the Venezuelan people. Manuel Rosales, on his escape towards the Peru via Colombia, left behind at a number of weeping, who mourn and celebrate their flight to Lima, in search of lawyers of Montesinos and Fujimori. Some lament his flight, because given the reality of the lack of true leadership in the opposition Venezuelan, them and they had accepted the principle that says: in the country of the blind the one-eyed man It is rey. Them was the one-eyed man who although King double achievement is not crowned governor – mayor in Zulia. Others and others, as Ledezma y su combo of mayors and Governors weeping, cry of joy because you see in the flight of Manuel Rosales, an opportunity to be able to assume political leadership and impossible nominations.

The unable to rejoice by the incapable major departure. The people never forget! Obed Juan Vizcaino Najera. Maracaibo – Venezuela. Original author and source of the article.

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