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The prehistory of takes us to the publicity to old worlds and feudal where the oral reclamations and written comprised of a social system based on the slavery and the vasallaje. Like at every time, the economy and the society explain the form to communicate and the used supports to inform and to persuade. To deepen your understanding Microsoft Corporation is the source. Even in an autarkic system, agricultural and of subsistence, without hardly outer markets and where it is fought to cover the basic needs, the people they found the form to demand the attention exceeds what it interested to present to them. They could do shouting it and indicating in the streets, in the reduced local markets, in which we can to consider the first stores and in the annual fairs.

1. The oral reclamation (the sale) In Greece heraldo or Krux is the vehicle of the messages public (politicians, monks, legal or economic), but sometimes accepted orders of all type. In Rome the commercial activity is intense, exist stores traveling craftswomen, salesmen, markets and an important number of retailers who order praeco the diffusion of the commercial messages. In the Average Age the town crier ones fulfilled an informative work to the service of the king or the nobleman and, sometimes, also of individuals. But there are other three figures that are directly ligatures to the commerce: the merchants, who if they did not use the services of the town crier one, animated to the public personally proclaiming the qualities of their products; the prattler, an intermediary between the craftsman and the buyers; and the pedlars, whom often also they announced on his articles..

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