The wages of public employees that are temporary disability have been clipped by the regional Governments of Madrid and the Basque country. According to these administrations cuts will help to control the high figures of absenteeism and repeated frequencies of short duration between officials, although the main reason for the implementation of this measure is an adjustment of the public deficit. Public workers perceived, until now, in most communities, a supplement equivalent to 100% of their base salary, from the first day of low for common illness or non-work-related accident. But that, in the Basque country, will happen to 50% of fees from the first to third day of low in the case of the first casualty of the exercise and 40% if it is the second. In subsequent casualties, employee benefits will reach 75% of fees from the fourth day. Day 21 and up to 44 shall be paid 85% and from 45 day 100%. In the community Madrid will be paid 60% of the regulating base from the quarter until day 20. And shall be paid 75% from day 21 and until the end of the provision. Hospitalization, surgery, accidents, casualties for maternity, paternity and risk during pregnancy and lactation are exclusions to these cuts. More news on occupational risk prevention.

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