Kaddi Marketing Gmb

In the next step, Wehl man developed marketing from brand identity a corporate design. “Under the motto evolution instead of revolution” was a new logo. More cross-media elements such as colour and imagery and an icon concept completed the detailed design concept. Sample publications created for the internal application of the corporate design at Kemper and the optimization of product communication. Hold the principles of future print documents of the company and were in terms of consistency, usability and suitability developed for various phases of the purchase decision. Multi domain from a cast parallel to the creation of the corporate design Wehl man started marketing a Web workshop the relaunch of the Kemper website.

It a content and structural concept developed for the multi-domain strategy of Kemper, as well as a Web layout after corporate design. Here was the goal of a uniform design with specific target groups Features, content and structures that conform to the appearance of Kemper in other media. Current trends, such as the responsive design, were picked up here. On this basis, they realized the new sites of the company Kemper Web Developer. Guidelines for the future communication concepts go beyond the present.

Support of corporate and product communication and project completion, Wehl man has created marketing for Kemper and therefore a CD guideline, a Redaktionsleitfaden and a brand manual. Are employees that provide the necessary information for the independent realization of various communication means, to Kemper. With the successful completion of the project, we could move much. Kemper has received a new brand identity, arising from the communication resources of the company for all media. Already on the welding and cutting 2013 “the concept for our customers has proven itself fully. It was a real success project for us so,”draws resume Jakov Pavic. The brand identity is Key to the authentic and effective corporate communications across all media.

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