Monthly Archives: March, 2013

Treaty Work

According to the original plan of the work, it would consist of three volumes. The first, published in the cited year, was about the impiety; the second, published three years later, referred to superstition, and the third, which was never published, would seek to fanaticism. Since the days in which appeared the work many are […]

Madrid Political

From this electoral marketing consultant focus their services according to the parameters of excellence, independence, transparency, professionalism and honesty. And this is possible because MKE integrates a multidisciplinary team of more than twenty professionals of the highest level capable of working in very diverse areas, to achieve a comprehensive service in which a candidate can […]

The Cathedral Basilica

Being the capital, Manizales is a road axis of particular importance. In the today are carried out important buildings of road mesh, avenues, elevated bridges, shopping malls and hypermarkets that will give greater dynamism to this city. There are multiple routes of buses, vans and collectives to allow scroll to any neighborhood in the city […]