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Human Resources

Since the time of the School of Relations Human beings of Elton Mayo already one knows that, inside of the companies, beyond machines, also people exist who have diverse feelings and different reactions to the motivacionais stimulatons. Of this form, the skill to treat will determine them as you will be treated. Ahead of this, […]

Building Company Loyalty

Obviously, the turnover was ridiculous compared to the company but, although he never knew, allowed us to build customer loyalty in other ways, as we in the philosophy of full service and they call us for any issue related to information technology, new networks, new custom software, etc.. However, what most have left their mark […]

Huachano Engineer

There was one of 21 of the people having lunch. she wore an executive outfit, came the bride very well dressed, soft and it showed that he spent most of the account as to what a worker earns, had new bike, and salary was 350 soles a month. How could this be? We decided to […]

Cesar Cotes

6. Your biggest problem may be your selfishness. Do not fall into selfishness, that is one of the most ugly and unpleasant things that you can feel in your life. If you know something that the other are not and can help them with that, because not help them? As say by there is help […]

The Enterprise

It is pertinent to mention article 216 of the code of the work that expresses: fault of the employer. When there is sufficiently proven fault of the employer, on the occurrence of an accident at work or occupational disease, he is obliged to ordinary and total compensation for damages, but the amount it should deduct […]

Market Analysis:

Market analysis: Stimulation of potential market: I want to get some more potential markets nationwide that Jeff would be achieved because the market I want, because his whole career is market stimulation target market: In the target market want the vendors (manufacturers and vendors) and demanders (consumers or buyers) for a particular good or service […]

Thinking Steve Ballmer

The CEO of Microsoft is to Apple, Yahoo and Google in its sights and plans to launch an advertising campaign of $ 300 million to resolve any doubts about Vista. Attempt to copy the style vertical Apple; transform Microsoft into a leading software company in the world and destroy Linux. We also enter into subscription […]

Reasons To Create

Reasons to create value While the primary objectives of the strategic and financial buyers are different, both share the need to add value to the acquired business. The buyers are ways to add value through the strategy of mergers and acquisitions are: Horizontal Integration: It is understood as horizontal integration, buying or merging with another […]